For this superset, you will need an incline bench, a lat pulldown machine, and a pair of moderate dumbbells (roughly 10 pounds or 4-5 kilograms lighter than what you used for your bench press). Just remember, if you want to build muscle, increase endurance, burn calories, and cut down on your workout time, the deadlift or squat superset is the way to go. Lie with your back flat on a bench elevated at a 45 degree angle. The "Regular Ol’ Push-Pull" Superset This is probably where we’ve come to recognize the value of supersets more than anywhere else. For example if you do 4 sets of bench press usually on chest day, and 4 sets of deadlifts on back day. Do move 1, sticking to the sets, reps and rest shown, then do move 2. Your chest and back muscles needs 5 minutes of rest between each set, and you might need a good couple of minutes between exercises for your heart rate to settle back down. Laying DB Skull Crushers/Triceps Push-Ups/Arnold Press 12 Reps 3 Sets Superset 1: DB Upright Rows SS Cable Face Pulls 12 Reps 3 Sets Superset 2: DB SA Bent Over Rows SS Seated Cable Rows 12 Reps 3 Sets Outfit is @balanceathletica Shoes Adidas. For example, after performing a back workout such as the barbell row, you can perform a bench press workout without rest. Rest 90 seconds before starting the next superset. An example is bench press (push) / bent-over row (pull). Lower yourself to the floor and push up, ensuring that you keep your back straight and do full repetitions. Mid-Push Up Hold – This is a great move to really work your core, chest and triceps. 1. Push-Ups. Ordering of Exercises. For example, if you’re about to go from bench press to bent-over rows, think of … To do this move, set up in a push up position with your feet together and your hands under your shoulders. The last thing you need is to test your spine's limits, over and over again, during a superset. But where an extended set differs from a superset or triset is that it’s basically the same movement performed two or three different ways by changing the angle and/or grip position. Press up to the top of the push up with your body in a nice straight line from your head to your heels. You’re going to count time under tension instead of reps, so the length of a set is made up of seconds instead of reps also, you’re going to do this set with non-traditional exercises. Repeat 4 times. Dumped it early) WOD via CrossFit Firebase. Deadlift and press-up. Hindu Push-Ups . 1B. 11w. Then there's the compound set (agonist superset) where both exercises work the same muscle groups. Then proceed to do your next favorite chest and back exercises. Vertical push to vertical pull supersets (deltoids and lats) Barbell overhead press Lat pulldown. Chest Superset 5: Cable Crossover & Push Ups. Dumbbell overhead press Pullup. 3. Arnold (dumbbell) press Two dumbbell pullover. Target your chest, triceps, and shoulders with this classic upper-body strength builder. Seated dumbbell shoulder press. Superset 3 – Standing Plate Press and Body Suspension Fly: This superset is different from all the other supersets for two reasons. A deadlift superset with pullups or bench press might do the trick and save you tons of time trying to get your full body workout in. The bench press should be immediately followed by push ups. Superset #3. A Push-Pull superset is two complementary segments (one pull/one push) done back-to-back. Keep your shoulder blades retracted as you lower the weight down to your chest. For the rack pull, shoot for sets of 5 reps with around 90% of your best deadlift. Incline Barbell Bench Press. Day 1: Push. ... Push your hips forward … 5 Hand Stand Push-ups 10 Pull-ups 15 Double Unders 20 Air Squats. The hindu push-up is a completely underrated exercise in my opinion. No resting between exercises within a superset. Push–pull is a method of arranging a weight training routine so that exercises alternate between push motions and pull motions. It’s called the antagonist/protagonist superset or the push/pull superset. Superset #2 Seated Machine Chest Press Push Press / Strict Pullup Supersets. It works – you get the heart rate up while promoting a little "balance" in your training. Lie on the floor with your feet together, back straight and arms shoulder width apart. How to Superset. Superset the two lifts until everyone in the gym is staring at you. So now you’ve learned how to hindu squats. Squat & push press superset #fitness #workout #gym #motivation #gymlife #hardworkpaysoff Perform 8-12 reps of each exercise for 3-4 supersets. A1) Dumbbell push press x 15 reps A2) Dumbbell overhead reverse lunges x 8 reps each side For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! These babies are the ones that will target one zone and get it burning, stat. And since he supersets a push exercise with a pull exercise, he has enough energy to tackle both lifts with a high level of intensity. Chest Superset 4: Pec Deck & Seated Chest Press. Push-Pull Workout 2. Now you’ve completed a 4 set superset of chest and back. In case you don’t know, a superset is when you perform two exercises consecutively without resting (or with minimal rest). Assume Push-Up position with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width; Bend elbows and lower until chest … Lie face-up on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand, positioned at chest height. We’re coming down the home stretch and the finish line is in sight. Complete three or four rounds, resting 45 to 60 seconds between rounds. Let’s pair it up with the hindu push-ups to form a strong superset circuit.. Or bench press for 10, followed by some seated rows. The big advantage to this finisher is that the transition from one exercise to the next is a bare minimum. Example Primer Superset Using Face Pull and Banded Push Ups. Perform 3 sets of 8 reps (for the incline bench , do 8 reps on each arm, or 16 total reps). Upon finishing your superset, you’ll take your rest period. 135×5 / 5, 155×5 / 5, 175×5 / 5, 195×5 / 5, 215×3 / 5 (Shoulder did not feel good on the last set. Why This superset works your heart harder by alternating blood flow between your upper and lower body. There’s a little more to performing supersets than just banging out a couple of sets. Do a set of biceps curls and then hit the triceps pressdown with no rest in between. Incline dumbbell press with cable rows 4 8-12 . Think: a push-up and a dumbbell bench press. The most popular exercise in the gym is undoubtedly the bench press. Not atom-splitting complexity, but decent. Take, for example, the first extended set on day 1, where you’ll be doing incline dumbbell press, flat dumbbell press and decline dumbbell press. Another reason to superset is to build up muscles that are opposing each other but use different exercises for the main muscle group. Push-Pull Legs Superset Routine The focus for many people who lift weights is to build strength, display separation between major muscle groups, and obtain balance between the front and back, and upper and lower regions of the body. BANDED PUSH-UPS– 4 sets / 8 reps / 60 sec rest. SHOULDER BARBELL PUSH PRESS SUPERSET WITH BAND CHEST CROSSOVERS High rep workout, here is set number 10 for push presses and because I'm short on time and… 5:28 Rx (Thought I could get this sub 4. Do a set of presses, and instead of just waiting 2-3 minutes to go back to another set of presses, we go to a pull in the middle. With dumbbells positioned to each side of your shoulders and elbows below the wrists, press upward … Using some face pulls in conjunction with deloading your heavy pushing movements can be a game changer for shoulder health. 1 set bench press, followed by 1 set deadlift. 4 Rounds For Time. 1A. A chest and back superset workout would look like this. Seated dumbbell press with lat pull-downs 4 8-12. Then, as your chest muscles get ready for the next bench press set, you can bang out a set of squats! SINGLE ARM FACE PULLS– 4 sets / 6 reps per arm / 30 sec rest. 2 – Back and Front Superset bgoodof2. Push: Dumbbell Bench Press. The classic superset approach is the basic antagonistic superset. 5 Superset Types With Training Examples The types of supersets you use depend on your current goals, whether you’re a beginner or advanced trainee, and on how much time you have to train. Machine overhead press Close grip lat pulldown. Here’s To Healthy Shoulders. Both exercises utilize major muscle groups and should be exercises you do near the beginning of your workouts, so as to be at full strength to complete these challenging lifts. The term supersetting is becoming a mainstay in fitness vocabulary, and with good reason—pairing exercises in sets is an efficient way to work out … Press the dumbbells straight up toward the ceiling. Chest and Back Superset. Superset 2: Upper Body. Then do moves 3A and 3B as a superset, and the same again for moves 4A and 4B, to work your biceps hard. With the barbell workout, you are pulling the weight to your body and with the bench press workout, you are pushing the weight away from your body. Chest and rear deltoid supersets Pec deck flye Reverse flye (on pec deck) Incline bench dumbbell flyes incline reverse flyes Henry Cavill in 2013's Man of Steel is the latest actor to portray Superman.For the role, Cavill added about 35 pounds of muscle to his 6-foot-1-inch frame. Okay, now let’s imagine that you decide to superset your bench press and barbell rows together. Feb 17, 2015 Beth Bischoff. A good push/pull combination superset is the bench press paired with a pull up or lat pull down. With the same form as a regular barbell bench press, unrack the barbell, with your arms shoulder width apart. To get the best out of your superset experience, you’ll want to visualize both sets as one series. To perform a superset, you’ll do both exercises (for example: 1a and 1b) one right after another with no rest in between exercises. Dumbbell Push Press (Superset 2) By The Editors of Women’s Health. On the deficit deadlifts, drop down to about 60% of your best deadlift and shoot for sets of 5 as well.