Parts List, Gearless Since we moved on to this property 5 years ago I've wanted to get our windmill back into service. use this information as the educational tool it is intended to be. Please border-color: #000000; -->, , Superior Free Pdf downloads to assist you in your restoration project. Visit the Vintage Windmill Parts web page's Discussion Board. Parts List, No. Parts List, , , Open Direct Stroke .table_d2e884 td { Parts Diagram. Trade Literature, , , Challenge 24 a donation as small as $1 using your Paypal account or debit / credit card by accessing our secure Donation-Support link The last catalog Rosemary sent me was 1994 and it was still pretty thick, up to 14 ft dia mills yet. border: 1px solid; 12 with slight adjustments. -->, , Advance Model Shop with confidence on eBay! } In 1952, Dempster decided to start production of a new windmill model. 2 } , , Bobtail Raymond border-color: #000000; .table_d2e891 { width: 10%; Parts List, No. Steel Direct Stroke. Steel Direct Stroke. -->,