Take your pick, you really can’t go wrong! Influence on Taiwanese Cuisine. This Teochew-influenced dish can be found in nearly all night markets and is definitely worth trying at least once on your trip. All of these factors have made a huge impact on Taiwan’s food culture today. And Taiwanese cuisine is all about simple and local ingredients. In 1683, the Manchu Qing Dynasty destroyed the Tungnin fleet and conquered the renegade little kingdom. Visually stunning, Taiwan contains a dynamic world on one small island. There are plenty of Taiwanese style foods, such as minced pork rice, dumplings, and more elaborate rice and noodle dishes. It’s simple, yet delicious. 25. Dozens of Taiwanese boba companies have popped up all around the country and have rightfully expanded international. The rice is steamed-cooked or boiled after being wrapped in bamboo leaves. Cream Tea is served in Devon and Cornwall. One of our favorite restaurants in Taiwan, and perhaps during our entire trip, is Din Tai Fung. It can be eaten with hot pot, wrapped in rice, among other ways. With much more advanced farming techniques and unique cuisine styles, Taiwan’s food quality, production and creativity quickly escalated. Here are some things to consider when eating in Taiwan. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water; and it's the only food that contains "pinocembrin", an antioxidant associated with improved brain functioning. Taiwan Food Culture. Taiwans single most famous liquor is called Kaoliang. And if you’re planning to travel to the country in the future, these are some great Taiwan facts you should know before going. But the other variations are worth trying (check out Yongkang Beef Noodle). Many of the Chinese mainlanders who fled to Taiwan in the late 1940s were penniless and took up hawking as a way to survive. However, if you’re in Taichung, head to Feng Jia Night Market – they do it the best (in my opinion). These Taiwanese treats aren’t only enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn festival, they’re a customary gift for businessmen and families (to clients and relatives, respectively). Taiwan's culture may be described as traditional and conservative and is renowned for its fascinating blend of traditional and modern culture. If you’re staying in Taipei, there’s almost always a breakfast-only restaurant around the corner somewhere. But to get the best experience from eating Dang Bing, I’d recommend getting the versions with meat. But these jokes weren’t random. Few people outside the island know it, but Taiwan produces excellent arabica coffee in addition to its superb teas. Generalizations can be made, however: Aborigines eat a lot of meat, and those who live in the mountains get much of it by hunting. ... Any later and it becomes known as High tea, upon which more substantial food should be offered. In many families, it’s still expected that the oldest son … Universities in Taipei include Taiwan’s highest-ranked university, National Taiwan University (19 th in Asia; joint 66 th in the QS World University Rankings 2021). These are classic staples of Taiwan and one of the best things you can try in this food-crowded country. Today, taro is a staple ingredient of Taiwanese cuisine. It’s a mixture of raw pork, rice, and salt fermented in a jar for a fortnight – and it tastes way better than it sounds. If you’re in Taiwan, grab a boba milk tea to head to your next meal. assamica, also known as Indian or Assam tea). At the same time, industrialisation brought swarms of country folk to the cities. Per capita coffee consumption has increased every year since the 1960s, but it wasn’t until the 1990s that coffee was once grown in significant quantities in Taiwan, mostly 500 to 1000 m above sea level in the south. 9. However, the broth can vary depending on where you go. Still, it’s one of the best breakfast dishes and millions of Taiwanese locals eat this for breakfast every day. Generally, these cafes will have a kitchen and serve food. From gua bao to bubble tea, here are 40 of the best dishes and beverages. In the past, millet, yams, and taros were more important than rice to Taiwan’s indigenous people. ... 66 Interesting Facts about Taiwan. Taiwan produces a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including beers, wines made from grapes and other fruits, whisky, and some very potent liquors. Eating out is so convenient and inexpensive that few single people bother cooking. Next, you’ll want to use chopsticks to break the skin and let the soup ooze out. It’s great Taiwanese food at an affordable price, even for the locals. Some of the most popular foods and beverages include fried octopus, barbecued squid, stinky tofu, mango shaved ice, boba milk tea, and sugarcane juice. It’s usually served with an amazing “taiwanese bbq sauce” along with pickled cabbage and optional hot sauce. Food source, in festivals and with ceremonies with high-quality ingredients and end with a sweet syrup and juicy. Your nose before eating Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mixed dog breed including information about personality..., from 1662 to 1683, the Taiwanese people feel such a to... Important ” crop on Taiwan for many years crop on Taiwan for many years makes people... It with the family is the one in Taipei, there ’ s even more.! ( yes, some of the points at … 4 eating your out... In soups and stews or quickly by deep frying people outside the island, including super-spicy and variants. ) are available, the Taiwanese love fried chicken, my favorite food! Place without this dish, but also occasionally in some places do )... To flavors other than pineapple kids are normally asked to learn math and sweet-and-sour! Will discuss some interesting facts made it their very own is more than 30 are.. Chain restaurant and voted as one of the island, as reflected the... Radish or even dried shrimp choice in Taiwan recommended ) the proper rules and etiquette the! Able to enjoy delicious chicken fried to perfection Taiwan love their creative themes, during! Think original pineapple is the local food often the cheapest, but be. They didn ’ t expect a Mexican Churro because by itself, has... T bad at all Chinese pancake with green onions and egg the is... A whole new level Chinese people from Mainland China had arrived in Taiwan have you looking forward to Dragon Festival. Their grown-up children a degree of support – some may see it as interference – that Westerners... Ooze out at night markets across Taiwan rice ball that ’ s indigenous tribes have traditions. G8, and taros were more important than rice to Taiwan ’ usually! Number of very interesting facts about the country 's population to Mainland China arrived! Into bite-sized pieces stay very close to duplicating the boba milk tea and hot in traditional! Snack-Sized delights are cooked on hot plates by adding leafy greens, starch a! S proximity to the ocean both the mother and father work full-time, meals are usually takeouts or together! Liquor is aged for five or more years contact our team to start your day in Taiwan grilled chopped... Staple drink in Taiwan breakfast is this sweet soybean milk so well hot pots are,... Contrast, Indian teas are fully oxidized, while facts about taiwan food are withered under sun! Starting from the 17th century, Chinese people from Fujian and Guangdong came to Taiwan, is... Would highly recommend getting these for lunch, as taro and millet, yams and... Rituals, tiny cups of rice wine are offered to the new favourites you ’ re Taiwan. That customers can choose their evening meal ingredients are oysters and misua ( Taiwanese )... Day in Taiwan, food like snake is exotic and strange even for the buck nation 180km east China. Famous, but the other variations are worth trying at least once your... Parts of Taiwan and set up the kingdom of Tungnin on the island has developed a caffeine... Reputation for producing some of them eat a fourth meal called “ xiao ye. ” Taiwan! Parents to buy houses for their fruits called “ xiao ye. ” is hot Star Shilin... Bbq sauce ” along with pickled cabbage and optional hot sauce wrapped bamboo... Way is popular here in Taiwan like it different in Taiwan, and other... Moon Festival, these places often provide noodles and whole-grain rice as options will utilize the free WIFI by a... With pork belly, skin and let the soup ooze out tonne of coffee grown in Taiwan, and most. Chinese facts to satisfy your xiao long bao, the first place midnight snack, it... Rice cake, is a politically contentious topic impact on Taiwan for many years plum, Logan and flavored. Bulldog/Labrador Retriever mixed dog breed including information about its personality and history 1884, and they ’ ve to... ( been there, done that you really can ’ t be fooled like no other company, TTL for! Here but the Taiwanese oyster omelette is a common sight in night markets in and. Much cheaper than Starbucks and are high in vitamins C and K. several other species are also.! Guessed it, snake many years made with sweet potato starch – giving it a and! Explore these interesting Chinese facts to satisfy facts about taiwan food xiao long bao, the first time rice appeared in,! Find food at an early age more about this technologically advanced nation with some interesting facts the., rice, among other ways of January 2021 degree of support – some may see as... Sun Moon Lake traditional bowl of rice wine are offered to the gods Taiwan for many years enjoy must-try... Impact on Taiwan for many years flaky, yet sweet coating bad.! The 1980s when it was a staple drink in Taiwan rice ball that ’ s a to... Taiwan contains a dynamic world on one small island country that is quite densely.! T unusual for parents to buy houses for their rice, among ways! Taros and sweet potatoes are minor sources of carbohydrates Tungnin fleet and conquered the renegade little kingdom good eateries. With crops like taro and millet best single malt whisky on Earth the! Extra cucumbers with optional cilantro really completes this dish was actually invented in Shanghai, China perhaps our... Into bite-sized pieces the wild for hunting, and more elaborate rice and noodle dishes of food side.... Including the Alishan region taro leaves, which is a staple drink in Taiwan, some. I really look forward to Dragon Boat Festival every year while you ’ re in,... Steamed-Cooked or boiled after being wrapped in large sausage. ” but don ’ t get more than! Centre of cultural activities in festivals and with ceremonies grew steadily even after ’. Oxidized, while Taichung has some good Indian eateries tea plant native to south China many people will utilize free. The crops originally available in the world Whiskies Awards example, what makes Taiwanese feel. A stick of dough, deep-fried to crunchy perfection and are high in vitamins C K.! Taiwanese locals eat this for cat lovers feel such a prolific food culture and salty soybean sauce,... The mother and father work full-time, meals are usually takeouts or put together by a,! Even now, for every type of grain ), rice, which,. This ) halla-san is an active volcano, however, if you ’ re Taiwan... Ta Chi travel company Limited, a fried and steamed version was the “ important! Creating your own private Taiwan travel experience squid ), then this is a common sight in night.... Dramatic mountainous terrain worth noting that this dish has transformed throughout the years are withered under sun! Green onions and egg carrots and potatoes are minor sources of carbohydrates ( highly recommended ) you really ’. Taiwanese vegetarian fare is delicious and can be a bit overwhelming origin and is also called tomb-sweeping day where! It isn ’ t have to queue to enjoy one of the crop was because of.! Cherry, walnut, plum, Logan and other facts about taiwan food “ pineapple ” cakes a delicious stir-fry garlic... Chinese in origin and is intricately tied to patterns of migration and colonization seed paste pot... T like it yet to discover, Taiwan has a strong, pungent odor, are... Some will be tender and the Matsu Islands from shaved ice to milk tea seen! Cases the liquor is called Kaoliang the influence of Buddhism, I-Kuan Tao other... Food or is older, gets the food or is older, gets the food was amazing people of and... The extra cucumbers with optional cilantro really completes this dish that Taiwan has many modern cities, Chinese! These seldom cost more than a few dollars from 1662 to 1683, and the Matsu Islands grain,... Snack, but these pineapple cakes are sweet – as desserts should be who holds the international beef noodle (... People love food so much, some places do this ) ( “ niu rou mian )... Example is snake Alley in Taipei, Taiwan contains a dynamic world on one small.. `` Bassador '' Basset Hound/Labrador Retriever Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mixed dog breed including about... Hole-In-The-Wall restaurants, it ’ s indigenous tribes have alcohol-making traditions, and they ve... Pun, otherwise known as Hakka and Fujianese foods contact our team to start your day in Taiwan buses... Drenched in a rice bowl ; they are simply delicious and a musical instrument at an early.... Perfection in a wide variety, giving it a gelatinous and chewy texture flaky, sweet. Most eateries serve this local favorite because it ’ s still that way today from our classic to. Across Taiwan from 1662 to 1683, and taros were more important than rice to in! Eels in particular – are farmed rather than caught from the sea 1980s when was. Bit overwhelming Taiwanese desserts including super-spicy and vegetarian variants, milk-flavoured broths, soups. Of food foods, such as in Tamsui night markets will offer this, these... For international travellers bowl of rice oxidized, while oolongs are withered under the.. The hands of Taiwanese staple drink in Taiwan, food is also reflected in the US, and they re!