Personally I don’t have that problem because I don’t know a single scale.’. LTW: Does the music just come into your head? I’m in my own little place in life. Michael Gira admits that his young daughter “can’t stand” his music, claiming “as soon as I play guitar she comes up and puts her hands on the strings and gets me to stop.” Although his work as Swans is more readily greeted with awe than aversion; a visceral response isunderstandable. Do you jam the songs? Now I really enjoy having people seeming to come for the experience that we can provide. LTW: Do you write the words after the music? We have a path that we want to follow but we find new things every night. LTW: Do you find it frustrating that music is now generally more background and do you react against that. LTW: Do those early records feel like a different era now? In this image, Gira can be seen playing a Gibson B.B. Michael Gira: ‘I don’t react against thing or look at bigger issues. The songs you see us play live are remarkably different from what was on the record.’. I have no musical training whatsoever. It can be quite a cleansing experience in that way (laughs). I was a pretty intense individual but you have change with time- if you don’t you are just dead.’. One of them went down like a sack of potatoes. I showed cowardice here. We are trying to make something happen in the moment and it just happens that that moment is growing exponentially.’. Ver 1. I’m looking for an opportunity to use a children’s choir. The No Wave thing had been a liberating thing, it was not about the usual three chords- fuck the three chords is what we thought.’. I don’t understand his music technically at all and nor do I care to but having been around him in his early symphonies and watching him work was very interesting. Do you write at home on an acoustic and present to the band? Recent shows have seen G… Michael Gira: ‘Sometimes but usually I fiddle around on the acoustic guitar and find chords or shapes I like the sound of and start playing them and then a rhythm occurs and then, hopefully, by the grace of god, words will find their way into my brain..’. I didn’t have to play them any more because I could recite them.’, I didn’t even know what blues was at the time. I have a kind of instinct where I want things to go and I try and shape it with whoever I’m working with. It’s about playing a lot live and letting the music grow on its own. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. Michael Gira: ‘The No Wave thing was before us and Sonic Youth, both of us moved to the city at the same time but it had pretty much died out when we got there. Michael Gira and co. will embark on a North American trek in support of the 2019 album this spring. I even look at Nico at being very inspirational in a certain way. Michael Gira: ‘I was at a Pink Floyd show in 1969. top 10 punk covers that were better than the originals – part 2, Peter Hook And The Light: Mexico City – live stream, Watch this: Pop singer bshp releases acoustic version of Never Mind. It develops organically. At the gig in Manchester people were feinting, surfing the noise, resisting the volume are, like me, finding the album and especially the live gigs almost meditative…, Michael Gira: ‘Yeah sure, that when music is at its highest. Michael Kelly Guitars is an American guitar, bass and mandolin company, who imports quality instruments manufactured to their specifications. I nearly feinted and a couple of people in the audience actually did feint.’. LTW: When you play live do you consider yourself an entertainer? Pro Play This Tab. It’s romantic and suffused with a kind of morality and the meaning of death. Michael Gira: ‘I have other skills if I needed them tomorrow. Michael Gira: ‘It can with certain people and is certainly a problem with virtuoso rock musicians, the noodlers who get lost in their own skill. Although it is the same person writing, so it’s inevitable ultimately.’. Other songs like The Seer developed live over the year after starting out as a groove before it developed into what it became.’. Last year The Swans released The Seer; an amazing, sprawling work that created a musical world that completely enveloped you in its power and imagination. Sometimes it feels like cheating to change chords you know (laughs). One of the lessons of punk , for me, was that obviously. Gira can be seen playing a Westbury Track II Bass in this photo. I don’t think about overarching big issues. I just followed my path. It’s just what it was in that moment. They would get together jamming but someone has to focus things and it’s not just the excellence of the players.’. I tried a couple of times to play to some kind of taped rhythm or loop or something but it always seemed very counterproductive and we never gravitated towards that kind of thing.’. Quickly infamous for their punishing, brutal and repetitive onslaughts of sound, extreme volume levels, and the self-abusing, abject shouts and growls of Gira’s sloganeering vocals, Swans gradually transformed over 15 years, ultimately venturing into harsh mechanical proto-industrial rock, to sprawling Teenage Jesus, the Contortions, Suicide and all that stuff to me was an indication to get the fuck there to New York from LA where I was living . But usually it’s afterwards. Electrics. Tearing down fabric to create something new? It was Louder Than War’s album of the year and the gigs they played in the autumn were so intense that it was hard to listen to any other music for a week afterwards. The official Orange site states that Gira uses a Thunderverb 200. more, On the official Orange site, it is stated that Gira uses a PPC412. photo by Cheslav Merk interview by Billy Hell (February 2006) "Waste is obscene!" We chat to the founder and frontman of the cult experimental rock band Swans, Michael Gira, about the records that shaped him Michael Gira: I listened to The Doors’ first album when I was 13. The city was in decay and decline. LTW: I’m interested in the word groove, Swans have a certain groove but not in the traditional sense of that word. What kind of Gear & Equipment does Michael Gira use? Michael Gira talks about the latest Swans album, methods of working on music, his experience as a writer, current plans and other interesting things Michael Gira is the mastermind behind the legendary band Swans or, as he calls his role in this remarkable project – the director of proceedings, primary songwriter and vocalist and producer. Save gear to your wishlist and see the best price. Michael Gira: ‘Incredibly. Electric Guitar Michael Gira. I work by instinct and I aim to be not timid and to be fearless and to just follow my imagination.’. What kind of Effects Pedals does Michael Gira use? Do you like diverse reactions?’, Michael Gira: ‘Those all sound good to me. Michael Gira: ‘I’m very nice to people. - M.Gira. And then do you take on the role of the conductor? On the record songs like Lunacy and Song For A Warrior are finished acoustic guitar songs and then orchestrated. LTW: People’s reactions are very different. more, The official Orange site states that Gira uses an Orange OD120. There was lots of violence and hardship and, in a way, that was a productive element because it weeded out the weaklings. It is so beautiful. Half the set is these new songs and I’ve got some more now and we will start developing those live as well into their own form and violation as well.’. That came through rehearsing and being properly severe about the choices that were being made.’, Michael Gira: ‘That’s a big subject for me. I’m have not got any illusions about that. During the Soundtracks for the Blind and Swans are Dead era, Gira can be seen with a Gibson Lucille(which has since become his main guitar for the Swans reunion) and a Gibson Les Paul. LTW: Do you recognise this if you ever listen to early Swans records? You have entered an incorrect email address! He was the leader of Swans & now he's moved on to do new stuff which is even better than his earlier work. It’s pretty banal. It’s thirty years ago now. Michael Gira laughs about the drastic changes of musical style ‘it is probably surprising the change from the beginning to now. Drainland Michael Gira. I rediscovered that music that had started me thinking and about making an experience happen rather being a song or something. LTW: They did. LTW: Is the live thing the truer version? The main thing with early Swans was that I was just stripping down the essential elements of what we consider to be rock music really. Michael Gira: ‘People, friends of mine, who are classically trained suggested some of the record was classical in a way. LTW: Did that open up possibilities to the imagination? Michael Gira: ‘Yeah and then at the best moments this singular sound is bigger than all of us and we are following it and not the other way around.’. LTW: A lot of bands become variations of themselves but do you feel detached from your earlier work? You have to keep your personal self out of it and try to come up with, I’m not sure what the word is I’m looking for… Phrases just point exactly what the music might suggest to the listener themselves. LTW: Is your life very different now than it was when you lived in New York? You are actually becoming popular! I have a terrible memory. And that cassette would be in a tape player that be amplified through a SVT rig with an extra cabinet creating this huge sound. he’s 70 something. I have carved out my own world but he’s a more universal kind of writer.’, Michael Gira: ‘No but there are people I hold as icons or heroes or examples of what is possible but not as influences. After several months of rehearsals, she took the stage with Swans … Michael Gira: ‘I had no notion at the time that I would be a musician. The songs could be pretty finished or I have mapped out a whole song. ‘. Datasets available include LCSH, BIBFRAME, LC Name Authorities, LC Classification, MARC codes, PREMIS vocabularies, ISO language codes, and more. Maybe the internet helped a lot with people understanding what we were trying to and getting the information out there and telling people the experience that we can be and people like that and come to it understanding. It just seems to be unavoidable. The sound was pretty forceful and a lot of our career was spent in an antipathy with the audience. He’s very gifted at classical song writing and I’m not like that. Search. I think a lot of younger musicians in New York these days see music as a career option choice thing, and it certainly was not like that then.’. It was a shabby space when I moved in but I did a lot of construction on it. Photo by Jennifer Gira. There are moments when things can get quite heavy but there are also moments of beauty and of a brooding psychedelic folkiness. It’s a living thing. LTW: Was the punk thing for you a reprise of the energy of ideas of the sixties thing? It’s this whole a list of experience and it’s all pointing to that…’, Michael Gira: ‘I can’t. LTW: The Seer is an immense piece of work that you can get lost in, were you conscious of the jump from the previous ‘My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky’ which already hinted at this enormity but didn’t go to the enveloping extremes of the The Seer. LTW: Any hints where the music is going? Michael Gira: ‘Usually some official from the club comes over and says get the fuck off the stage (laughs).’. It was a lot different to what it is now. Michael Gira: ‘I don’t know about clever but tremendous…’. It’s what you think about when you decide you want to be an artist, you look at your guides or heroes and you want to be as all consumed with the world as they were and that was what he was and it was pretty awesome to see.’, LTW: You are also a big fan of the The Beatles…, Michael Gira: ‘That’s a whole different thing. Some of the threads on the last record will be moving to the fore on the new one. Acoustics; Basses. Michael Gira: ‘That was a really good show. A great band. We would bring them in and out of the sound playing on a cassette with the sound that was like a roar- raawww! Michael Gira : ‘I don’t want to sound like a white boy trying to be funky. This is the only way I know how to work. And what do you get physically when you play this kind of music? Electric Bass Guitars Acoustic Bass Guitars. In the case of a song it could be like Song For A Warrior, that’s a little poem, a little lullaby for my daughter. Keyboards Bill Rieflin & Jarboe. It’s about wrangling with the mess you make in the studio until it finally takes on some sort of shape and then moving on to the next thing. Michael Gira: ‘Personally, I’m a little disappointed in his voice but what can I say? The material is growing in such a way that it feels like you can’t stop right there. Every night it’s altered and changing and that’s a good thing. It’s not that Swans make particularly brutal music these days. How tiring is it to actually perform that music? Michael Gira: A lot of them start with me in my office on my acoustic guitar and then are built up. Michael Gira asks me as I describe my first time listening to "Screenshot", the opening cut on the newest Swans LP, ... the notes played by the bass or the chords played by the guitar. Some people take influence and you hear it in the music, it’s not like that with me. LTW: Was the My Father album about mortality? Vocal M S. Rhythm Guitar M S. Solo Guitar M S. Drums M S. View all instruments. I was too young for the hippies and too old for the punks (laughs). Michael Gira– vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, production Christoph Hahn –lap steel guitars, electric guitar, vocals Thor Harris– drums, percussion, vibes and bells, wind instruments, handmade viola, vocals Michael Gira: ‘I don’t know about thematic things. Michael Gira: ‘Usually. Michael Gira: ‘Not really. Other ones are finished as a whole song like Lunacy and then I have the people orchestrate around that structure.’. What kind of Microphones does Michael Gira use? At the highest points live that’s what the music does, it creates this environment where the audience can levitate for one moment and that’s the most gratifying thing for me.’. LTW: Yes I did, sounded great. I saw Pink Floyd perform what became the material of the Ummagumma album and it was great.’. It’s not like I try to translate where I am into music. I’m always stuck like a Doe in the headlights grappling with the moment and I just do my best with what talents I was left with and I don’t worry about the bigger issues.’. It’s not like I’m going to start making electro dance music next though! The words do not come easily to me anymore. Michael Gira: ‘The length of the show is not a goal actually. LTW: How do you know when to end the set! It’s not like I’m this fucking composer like I was saying. It’s just the way it is. TabCrawler.Com Guitar Tabs Archive: M / Michael Gira [ log in ] [ register ] Tabs: 8 Page: 1 To to be able to rate & comment on guitar tabs, bass tabs, keyboard tabs, lyrics and drum notation files you must Login. LTW: You mentioned before the physicality of the music and that was very noticeable at the Manchester gig. I’m trying to make a world where the listener can fall into it and lose themselves. Every once in a while a vague one might creep in but it was mainly sound and rhythm with the sound generated mainly by bass drums and guitars. Michael Gira: ‘That’s like, no offence, but that’s what a critic thinks. When I look back in retrospect an influence on me is Glenn Branca because he refused to compromise and was really going for the peak experience through the sound. The other bass player, because we had two bassists then, with myself being one of them, he would bring in the sound with his volume pedal . In 1982, after a frustrating few months auditioning potential members, Michael Gira and Jonathan Kane recruited Sue Hanel: “the most ferocious noise guitarist in the city” (Jonathan Kane). It’s part of being with a good band. When things veer off and it’s inappropriate I correct it. LTW: The Stooges were far more complex and clever than they let on. it should have lasted 10 minutes at least, instead of the 3 1/2 minutes it is now. It was a festival in which all kinds of bands like the Pretty Things, Frank Zappa and the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Robert Wyatt played with Soft Machine. Some people hold their hands in the air and surf on the volume. It was a very difficult place in those days. I’m really trying to find a vehicle to ride, rather you driving it, you have to design the perfect vehicle from scratch.’. Michael Gira is known for using a Guild antique burst electro acoustic guitar, and a Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier during his solo concerts. The Beatles were a whole cultural, economic and musical phenomenon and also a convergence of technology at the time that was the psychedelic era. It’s certainly not because we are fashionable! I don’t do a secret ritual or anything before going on stage (laughs). Michael Gira's gear and equipment including the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus and Orange Thunderverb 200-Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head. I guess I’m not a good enough musician to interpret my surroundings or anything for that matter. It’s not like sitting in the studio and kind of artificially trying to inject nuances- it happens just through playing.’. That’s why I don’t consider the Seer album finished. LTW: As you get older do you get more self critical? Engineering Michael Gira & Bill Rieflin. It is whatever it is at the time. Sounds Jarboe. It’s sound- noise, to me, implies an annoying fly in your ear sound. I also get incredible exhaustion after the show, especially now as we are playing up to three hours sometimes, which is pretty demanding.’. It this confluence of jazz, experimental, and psychedelic music and it was a great experience. LTW: So success is more of a practical reward for you? LTW: You’re 58 now and in some ways, a child of the sixties, does the idea of the sixties remain in your work? Michael Gira: ‘Yeah but I try to respect the person that made it. Release date:... From toe-tapping rock n’ roll to darkly ethereal modular synthpop - discover highlights from the vibrant Loftas... Swans : in depth interview with Michael Gira. A very different time for me’. Get the gear to sound like Michael Gira and get their tone. LTW: You are also a fan of early Pink Floyd as well and not so much the Syd period. I’m pretty self critical and I try not to repeat the same kind of things. We have to find our own avenue, our own way, our own groove.’, Michael Gira: ‘I don’t like calling it the drone.