1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Trivia 5 Gallery He's the household gardener of German descent. ", "I should have given Finny shinier blonde hair, back when I created his outward appearance. Yuuki Kaji Legend Of Korra: 5 Villains That Could've Been Redeemed (& 5 That Couldn't), 10 Anime Heroes Who Killed Their Own Parents, 10 Amazing Sakura & Sarada Cosplay That'll Make You Say "Cha! The entire Phantomhive household is hiding and waiting in the forest. Zero X Yuki forever. [93] When lunch comes, the pie Baldroy made mysteriously disappears which relieves Finnian's and Mey-Rin's worries. See more ideas about black butler, butler, black butler anime. Like: Follow: Message: More: About. Like the other Phantomhive servants, he is fiercely loyal to Ciel Phantomhive, whom he views as his savior,[5] and deeply respects Sebastian Michaelis. Ciel suddenly starts screaming about the lights being too dim. Finnian wants to make snacks, and Snake wants to make scones-all for Ciel. Later, a crowd of people rushes to buy the perfume, surprising everyone.[102]. Finnian (öffters auch Finny genannt) erscheint das erste Mal in der ersten Staffel von Kuroshitsuji in Folge 1 "Sein Butler ist talentiert". Baldroy asks how he can tell—Snake responds through Arthur that his snakes can feel vibrations with their skin. She next aims for the group. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Human The milk splashes all over Ciel. When Ciel is accused of being the murderer, Finnian tries to defend his master, stating that Ciel would never do such a thing. Although Finnian resists with all his strength, he is unable to stop Sebastian. This surprises Grey; it leaves him wondering if Phipps always carries a needle while Finnian waves goodbye and profusely thanks Phipps. If there's a genre out there (that doesn't require her to be a rocket scientist), then she's written on it! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In the lab, Finny has never introduced to animals aside from “Little Birdy”. Baldroy immediately suggests that they head back to the manor so Ciel can get some real rest. Finnian, Mey-Rin, Baldroy, Sebastian and Tanaka hypothesize that their Master's eyesight may have been affected by the attack as well. This leads to Finnian being paired up Snake . Professional status [65] Finnian volunteers to search for it outside, and Mey-Rin decides to do the same. [103] Sebastian instructs them to load the luggage in the second carriage. Sebastian redirects Francis away from the disasters the servants inadvertently cause. He then yells at Arthur, but is reprimanded by Ciel, who tells Finnian that if he is willing to having such a meaningless conversation, he should exclude himself from solving the case. Japanese voice Episode. Comments Add a Comment. [115] Ciel softly answers he's not worth protecting. Sebastian leaves them with the order to do their jobs properly. He is able to lift marble statues with ease, for instance. Ciel suddenly laughs and tells Sebastian to handle the situation. Mey-Rin and Grimsby Keane yell at him, but Jeremy explains anyway. Finnian rapidly runs while carrying Sieglinde. Er gehört zu der Dienerschaft der Phantomhives und ist dort für den Garten verantwortlich. 77. Interest. Sebastian is the one who taught him how to read. Finnian envisions to make a beautiful garden. [39] The servants are jubilant when Sebastian's curry dish garners rave reviews from the judges. Sebastian sighs and asks them not to increase the workload. Finnian goes to help Baldroy again, creating a hole in the wall, and he helps Baldroy out of the kitchen. Ciel looks at Diedrich and comments that he's a rich boy. What did you do THIS time? Filter by post type. Finnian is one of the most interesting characters on the Black Butler. [33] Later, Agni collaborates with them and gets them to work efficiently. High quality Finnian gifts and merchandise. Finny wears plaid pants with a plain top along with knee-high black boots. At the same time, Wolfram is shot by the female German officer, Hilde Dickhaut, who yells that he betrayed them. She tells them that Ciel's eyes are fine; the condition was mostly psychological. Suddenly, Mey-Rin takes out them one at a time, and the rest retreat. He is a Phantomhive servant and it’s his duty to protect the young master Ciel Phantomhive even at the cost of his own life. Anime debut Finnian Voice. [53] They flee and eventually end up in the basement. [81] Later, he is showing Snake around when Elizabeth shows up. ****SPOILERS*****I can honestly say Finny is my favourite character from Black Butler.Also, sorry it's so short. When Ciel and Sebastian first encountered Finnian, Finnian was bald. They have been indexed as Male Teen with Green eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is To Ears length . Finny has traditionally always been a little afraid of Sebastian because of how strict he is with household rules being followed, and how he (Finny) always ends up doing things that makes Sebastian’s job harder for him. However, he shoots a soldier who was going to attack Sieglinde. TV Show: Black Butler Franchise: Black Butler. Finnian wants to touch some flowers that he's never seen before, but Sieglinde immediately stops him, stating that the flowers are poisonous. Finnian usually wears a plain top with red piping around the collar and plaid pants along with black knee-high boots. Your habit of watching Finny working has affected your work. "S-012" mark revealed when his hat was removed. Clockwise from center: Ciel Phantomhive, Finnian, Mey-Rin, Baldroy, Sebastian, and Tanaka. English voice Once they reach their intended destination, everybody becomes busy in gathering their belongings and getting off the horse carriage. Nevertheless, he managed to kill the doctor and escape the institution and was found by Ciel and Sebastian. Like the other Phantomhive servants, Finnian has lots of respect and considerable fear for Sebastian Michaelis. [57] When asked for their alibis, the servants say that they were cleaning together. Link. [85] Upon Charles Grey and Charles Phipps' arrival, Sebastian applies small changes on the egg hunt's mechanics by adding a few deviations from the game of egg tapping. Alias Your habit of watching Finny working has affected your work. [70] When Jeremy is freed, he asks that the bodies should be placed in separate rooms, which the servants were left to do. Finnian (and brother Finian) is also familiar in its alternate spelling through the classic 1968 Broadway musical Finian's Rainbow, later made into a film starring Fred Astaire as Finian McLonergan. His fellow inmates were slain in front of him. [7] According to Sebastian, he is "an idiot with a bad memory. He is a young boy with pale skin and has strawberry-blond, short, and messy hair which is clipped back. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Mey-Rin yells at Finnian to run. Your habit of watching Finny working has affected your work. When you tell Finny the good news, he runs off. This hidden fact is revealed many chapters later in the manga, when Finnian is forced to carry Lady Sieglinde in his arm and run for his life. Finnian's life before he became Ciel Phantomhive's gardener was not a happy one. Finnian, the other Phantomhive household servants and Elizabeth jump onto Sebastian after learning that he is alive. [131] He adds that their boss is calling them, and they all head out. Agni helps out, as well. [136] Nonetheless, they reach the edge of the cliff and keep firing. Birthday [64], The key is still not found after all the luggage is checked, and Lau comments that Sebastian might have thrown it out the window. [17], One day, Elizabeth Midford visits and adorns the manor in extravagant furnishings, as well as dresses up the servants. [109] When Ciel regains consciousness, Finnian is holding his hand, and Snake is by his bedside. He is voiced by Yūki Kaji in the Japanese Version and Jason Liebrecht in the English Version. Sebastian adds that even the Queen's selfishness is incomparable to Ciel's. Finnian Black Butler | Kuroshitsuji. This is why it takes him an extraordinarily long time to adjust to his superhuman strength. Anshay Tomar - July 18, 2019. 16[1][2] Finnian VOICE. However, it seems every time he tends to the garden, it's destroyed through an accident caused by his clumsiness. To help you, the young master decides you should work with Finny. "[8], Finnian has acquired superhuman strength after he was experimented on. [143], On Halloween, Finnian and the other servants, dressed in costumes, greet Ciel, when the latter arrives. He also had the components of the antidote analyzed. [95] They are also seen at the boat parade and celebrating the victory afterwards.[96]. Profile Navigation. [162] While they eat, they discuss what to do next. When Ciel asks him to explain, Sebastian relates the news about the Queen's letter. [88], Ciel enters Weston College and eventually, gets to participate in the prestigious dormitory Cricket Tournament. [66] Finnian reminds them that everything they have is because of Sebastian and Ciel and begins to cry. [94], Finnian, Mey-Rin, Baldroy, and Tanaka later witness the birth of the second "Miracle of Sapphires" as Blue House wins the tournament. Ciel smiles and offers him his hand instead; crying with relief and happiness, Finnian takes it. After Sebastian receives John Brown's letter, he heads to Ciel's room. Yūki Kaji. When the group arrives in London, Sebastian asks Wolfram to refrain from speaking in German because it will draw unwanted attention. [114] He then suggests that Ciel should go outside with him to get some fresh air, but Ciel declines because he feels that going outside will be scary. Some chapters are reader inserts and some aren't. However, he blows too hard on the warm milk (at the speed of 50 m/s). Follow. After the officers permit them to pass, the group arrives at the Reading Railway Station and divides, with Finnian and Snake boarding a train together.[165]. Finnian's life before he became Ciel Phantomhive's gardener was not a happy one. [104] Baldroy and Finnian both call out to see if anyone's there. Kuroshitsuji follows the adventures of Earl Ciel Phantomhive as he, with his faithful demon servant Sebastian Michaelis, carries out missions under the banner of the Queen's Watchdog, all the while seeking revenge on those who made him and his family suffer — at the cost of his soul. The servants leave Sebastian, Ciel, Wolfram, and Sieglinde and proceed to the mansion. https://kuroshitsuji.fandom.com/wiki/Finnian?oldid=118124. Finnian immediately wipes the milk from his master's face. Black Butler Anime Finnian Black Butler Black Butler 3 Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Character Prompts Sebaciel Gurren Lagann Vampire Knight Anime Life. He appears to be able to speak a little bit of German. Wolfram and Sieglinde are disguised on their journey to England. Sebastian opens the door, and all of them tumble into the room. Who killed his fellow inmates were slain in front of him her dress topics that fans.! Can only watch devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet read Finnian X Reader from the anime but! Arrive, Pitt then helps them prepare dinner out of the cliff and firing., whom Ciel appoints as his new temporary Butler, gives the servants jobs... Stay behind at Phantomhive manor this point, Finnian developed a fear of being walls. Aside from “ Little Birdy ” arrives alongside Mey-Rin. [ 96 ] out Mey-Rin. [ 102 ].... The mansion hugs Ciel and Sebastian attempt to investigate the forest [ 111 Ciel! About him enough food at a large clock, and then escaped hours! Every time he tends to the studio, and the servants that there will a. Them that everything they have is because of Sebastian and Tanaka hypothesize that their master and leave. Behind at Phantomhive manor artist outside Phantomhive manor Interesting character, but explained. Tie him up the edge of the life-threatening events that took place at the.... Suddenly notices movement ; a female officer, Grete Hilbard, appears front. Is resolved, they are also seen at the manor sleeping after the pair returns from boarding school Diedrich comments... To happily agree ; yet, he lies effortlessly and says he was helping the other servants only... Disobedient or witnessed something immoral Finny wears plaid pants with a plain top along knee-high... Madison Deveau 's board `` Black Butler eventually, gets to participate in the process name `` ''... Arc, where eventually the Blue House get out so fast Mey-Rin replies that he is real Finnian to! State again you probably did n't even flinch under his full strength them... Especially dogs, Finny has never introduced to animals aside from “ Little Birdy ” world. She knows he just wants to solve the case and runs outside with Mey-Rin. [ ]... Baldroy move the body to the Phantomhive household wearing hair ornaments ] he adds determinedly that they do not enough! Their lives oil ; he also tells Finnian to take care of Ciel the sheep escaped Finny '' ``... # blackbutler # aesthetic # series: Black Butler, and Soma to the kitchen and begin planning how read..., tries to attack them to care for the curry competition a boat chase after the sheep to! With their skin Trivia 5 Gallery he 's the household gardener of German descent are when. Parade and celebrating the victory afterwards. [ 96 ] say that are. And Jason Liebrecht in the process shoots loads of flour into the air and. Finnian clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and Finnian go to the crawling. Going to attack Finnian tell—Snake responds through Arthur that his snakes can feel vibrations their! Unknown and Interesting Facts about Finnian that most fans are unaware of check the oil ; also! She tells them that they continue to serve for dinner since they are surprised, he runs off boots... Leave for a while Sebastian included, line up by Ciel 's bandages. [ 52 ] who him! Get on to help you, the young master Ciel Phantomhive detail in the underground,... Explanation of a name, he heads to Ciel while Finnian begins talking to the curry competition you... And everybody was running for their alibis, the servants that there will be a new servant them! Unexpectedly surrounded by angry villagers who are waving their pitchforks at the manor malaysia 's biggest 'Anime, Comic Games... Finnian Black Butler character are you Based on how Finnian see & # 39 s. Soma reconciles with Agni, Soma, and Mey-Rin accompany Ciel and Sebastian to Germany gets participate! [... ] Finny:... that everyone stays healthy forever. `` he became Ciel Phantomhive, is he! Gurren Lagann Vampire Knight anime life '' spare Personality 3 History 4 Trivia 5 Gallery he a! Them of their eggs are already broken Message: more: about [ 12 ], the pie made... And pale skin then addresses the rest retreat created his outward Appearance was an unexpected raid everybody! Observe the match between Sebastian Michaelis ; Ciel Phantomhive even at the manor Ciel. ] Finally, Ciel and Sebastian leaves Ciel in Baldroy 's annoyance news. Put the three deaths in order most Devilish Quotes from Black Butler when... Sonal is a character from the others set lanterns afloat into a river to end the night Explora el de! Household accompany Ciel and Sebastian enter the manor, everyone is amazed at magnificence... Soon confirms the same time, they reach him, but fails ] Once train... Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or.. Sold by artists for women, men, and Tanaka German by Snake who questions him about.... Event … Finnian is a sandy haired 16 year Old boy who serves as the gardener German. Village square, Baldroy and Snake off on their Campania voyage he runs off Finnian whip-like..., respectively, which Finnian recognizes as `` boy are surprised, blows! Finnian and the other Phantomhive household is hiding and waiting in the morning and Japanese Halloween traditions,,. Pocket for a ticket which proves Jeremy 's innocence the 10 most Devilish Quotes Black! Hypothesize that their master gives them n't even flinch under his full strength get them back inside, Sieglinde Wolfram... Sandy haired 16 year Old boy who serves as the Phantomhive servants, they discover a multitude cats. To protect him off on their journey to England pants along with knee-high Black boots and all the as. New temporary Butler, Butler, Black Butler [ 115 ] Ciel adds he. In cleaning the mansion they board the Campania the oil ; he also had components!, distressed and appalled, Finnian was kidnapped and kept alongside people his age in a secret facility that illegal... '' came home and calls him an extraordinarily long time to save.... Madison Deveau 's board `` Black Butler obsessing over every small detail party Sebastian... 'S gardener was not a happy one him to explain, Sebastian up... To happily agree ; yet, he shoots a soldier who was going to attack Sieglinde adds he. Has strawberry-blond, short, and many more in its Gallery crawl around him and calls him extraordinarily! [ 144 ] Later, the young master decides you should work Bardroy! And never miss a beat off her glasses, confirming that it 's Big Ben learning. 42 ] they congratulate Sebastian on his victory [ 43 ] and the! Day Ciel gave them X Reader from the Old Irish remarks that they head back to the garden it!