Saitama saves King.. 4. This leads to him being placed into the C-Class portion of heroes. He knows the inner workings of a place, most of the time. Garou who despite his attacks never actually killed any hero and only terminated monsters. So, I will begin with a smattering of Saitama's general strength, speed, and agility feats, beginning with his Hero Entrance Exam. Midoriya was unwelcoming to Mineta's support to him saying she looked great. Saitama gets a perfect score on the fitness portion, but bombs the written portion. "Hey Deku!" He scored a 100 on the physical, and a 42 on the book. In Season 3 of My Hero Academia, all of class 1-A took part in the Hero License Exam, and most of those students, including Izuku, scored enough points to earn their provisional hero licenses.Shoto and Bakugo, despite their powerful quirks, failed to get their licenses at all and felt quite bitter about it (especially Bakugo). The written part of the exam was, in the opinion of the Hero Association, "A test of one's sense of justice, and their overall ability to perform in hypothetical situations." "I guess I should've been more specific. History [edit | edit source]. In his childhood, King had won several video game tournaments. IIRC, there was a switch off button on the Villain Bots, which Hagakure used to disable them and hence pass the entrance exam. His jaw was almost laying on the floor when he saw Uraraka's suit. He even barely passed the entrance exam to the Hero Association. ... My Hero Academia Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Any hero who wants to join the association starts by taking the Super Hero Entrance Exam. Genos and Saitama spar. Snakebite Snek briefs them on their responsibilities. She pointed a finger at him in accusation, and for good reason. Initially, he entered Class C because he scored low on the knowledge exam (barely passed) but broke all physical exam records. In response, Saitama nonchalantly shrugged, "Not really. How did Koda pass the entrance exam? Just the good places to buy cheap food. Replace gloves with Saitama's and add a black cape. Will try to find the source. 0. Nothing too complex though. Book Dumb: Saitama is not stupid, but he did so poorly on the written portion of the Hero Association entrance exam that he was placed in the lowest possible category of hero, despite his record-shattering performance during the physical portion. And remember that the rules of the Entrance Exam was to immobilize or render the villain-bots unable to function anymore, not necessarily destroy them. The Hero Association was founded sometime in three years prior to the series where Agoni's grandson was nearly killed by a villain called Crabrante but was saved by Saitama who managed to kill him while searching for a job. He forgets in moments of stress though. skin tight isn't exactly my style." At some point within the past 1.5-3 years, King was attacked by the Octopus Claw Man, receiving his characteristic three scars as a result, but is saved by Saitama, who was training to be a hero at the time.. Saitama would go on to save his life five more times by … Did you just slack off during the test?!" He's also street smart. 28. Saitama and Genos pass the entrance exam for the Heroes Association, but while Genos is placed in S-Class for getting a perfect score, Saitama is placed in C-Class because of his dismal results in his written test and essay. Any theories because I can't really think of good ones. (edited by Koji Koda. The association divides the heroes into four different classes: C-Class, B-Class, A-Class and S-Class. Wow, everyone looks so cool in their hero costumes!

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