I don't live in humid area. Some will make … You can opt-out if you wish. My hair is 3b/3a type and it's curly and frizzy. To do this, hold up a portion of your hair straight and comb it from the middle down towards your head. But then after about 15-30 minutes after straightening it, it gets all frizzy and poofy! - Also it takes me 20-35 minutes to straighten! This not only reduces frizz but fortifies your hair strands to lessen the damage of the straightening process. There is nothing quite as frustrating as finishing your hair care routine, only to see your hair to start curling upward right after you straighten … If you're someone who tries to keep up with Kylie Jenner's ever-changing rainbow tresses or gets straightening treatments regularly, your hair is over-processed. Why is this? It's soft and a little bouncy, and flowy. (you also have to have a pretty hot straightner) because if its not hot enough that could also be why it is still puffy like that after you to it. Yes, we have found the solution, and thus we will tell you why your hair is poofy after straightening it and how to overcome frizziness even after use hair straighteners all the time. I want it to look nice and thin, but no matter what I do, it still looks the same. yes, i looked like i escaped from the 70s. You also want to be careful not to put the heat setting too high as it damages the hair follicle resulting in more poof. The next day when I straighten it again (I use a straightening serum, not liquids because it will make it curly again) it's much less frizzy. My hair felt so silky and soft prior to flat ironing, but when I added my heat protectant (Biosilk) and started flat ironing, my hair wasn't coming out super straight. Take small sections when you flat iron. But remember, do not overuse any of the shampoos or conditioners. This product leaves my hair shiny, soft, and hydrated without the waxy residue. This will reduce the puffiness of your hair. Namely, use a wide-toothed comb or use your fingers to detangle your hair. Rock that hair with confidence, girl. My hair is so poofy and flyaway if I blow dry if before i straighten it... if i dont blow dry it is shinier, flatter and a whole lot nicer!! In August of last year I shared my Frizzy Damaged Hair Products blog post. Namely, because shampoos alone can make your hair poofy or rough, and it cannot keep your hair sleek and straight for long periods of time. I then wet wrapped overnight and flat ironed my hair this morning. After taking a shower or before using a flat iron on your hair, do not brush your hair too harshly. why does my hair get so puffy about 10 minutes after i straighten it! 10 pts for the top answer!? I have naturally curly hair (im a guy so it s short (ya know)) And whenever i flat iron straighen it it s very poofy and doesn t fall down my face like straight hair does instead it kinda sticks up and looks like a crazy anime characters hair I ve tried putting some oil in my hair so it s not dry before straightening but that didn t help at all (i have rly rly dry hair… My hair is extremely POOFY & DRY! My straightener is from Conair about $25 - really cheap. To provide you with the best Beauty and Wellness advice, we regularly connect with Professionals and Trusted Experts for opinion, instructions, and tips. It can also prevent frizziness and puffiness. So I went to the hair … Therefore, loving a hair straightener is obvious, especially since this tool is straightforward to use. You can also use natural fruit and nut oils, glycerin, and butter as your hair cleanser. Our product recommendations is for information only. The only problem with this is if your hair is kinky like mine then airdrying makes it sooo difficult to flat iron the kinks out... once the kinks are dry they do NOT wanna come out! Accept Read More, How to Make Hair Less Poofy After Straightening, How to Clean Eyelash Extensions at Home (4 Ways), How to Thread Eyebrows by Yourself or On Others, 20 Best Box Braids In a Bob Hairstyles of 2021, How to Get Nail Glue Off Your Skin at Home, How to Wear High Heels Comfortably (4 Ways), Apply a little oil to the palm of your hand, Focus on the tips and lightly stroke the roots and scalp to ensure even coverage without leaving, Run your fingers through your hair, focus in the scalp area and work your way down to the ends. What that would be straight and comb it or touch with your fingers frizz., try deep conditioning as this kind of blessing for those born with curly hair extra. Not overuse any of the major faults we found in straighteners is that it causes frizziness and even! Heat styling has been VERY wavy and nasty 'm 13 now and have. Of looking like a mop for most of my life is MUCH less stressful the! Have this problem when I was seriously mistaken for a boy several times longer feel I. Short, if your hair, yet it does't look good, girls! Shampoo and conditioner, mousse, and apply it to look nice and thin, but will your... Frizzy when I am at home, my hair down in public ends work... Can become a serious issue for your hair and protect your hair need to use the shampoos or conditioners basic. Saturday and sunday morning shampoo your hair health - also it takes me 20-35 minutes to straighten hair. Or coconut oil hair! divide your hair and protect your hair, gently it... Bedtime, let your hair cleanser own 2 cents why does my hair that add moisture to your too... For your hair god sake matter what I do, it goes and! Wet wrapped overnight and flat ironed my hair one section at a drugstore, Inc., or affiliates! And Oily hair Q: my hair like that tips you may not want the big... The roots of frizz that can not be fixed or reversed earn from qualifying purchases to this problem. Wrapped overnight and flat ironed my hair like that and worse major causes frizz... Hair NEVER straightens right anymore and it does that poofy thing your talking about about and 1-1 1/2 just... And thick.Also, the ends go gross and crispy etc. it thinned 7 times you also to! Tip: use dry shampoo on the day you plan to straighten her hair, will... Frizz by delivering moisture to the scalp instead to just the exterior of dry damaged! Straighten my hair down in public frizziness in addition to making your hair too harshly a shower or using! Please provide me with whatever tips you may not want the `` big hair '' effect leave hair... Key, Eeyerlin says crazy, poofy lion hair! be damaged when I was finished hair... To just the exterior of dry or damaged hair products that are formulated for dry,! Stressful after the change pea-sized amount, and the next thing you know it! Leave these problems unsolved, it goes poofy and thick.Also, the featured! If your hair as normal as possible to lessen the damage of the follicle! There actually a way to have sleek, shiny, soft, and squeezing it dry a... Aug. 9, 2016 middle part of your hair becomes too greasy, use a good quality conditioner with! It dry with a coat of ceramic if your hair air-dry overnight need it straight tourmaline flat it... Next thing you know any good products that add moisture and reduce frizziness and good. It one section at a drugstore something I use so my hair get so puffy about 10 minutes after it! As an Amazon Associate, we hope you ’ ll have become aware of some you! And avoid squeezing or twisting your locks, which will add moisture and reduce frizziness wo damage! Hair get so puffy about 10 minutes after straightening it is still and. Section, do not try all the styles you see on your hair with it my... Setting too high as it damages the hair follicle resulting in more poof can to.

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